The High Commission for Industrial Security Solutions

December 2, 2021

What is HCIS?

The High Commission for Industrial Security serves as an entity responsible and accountable for issuing fire protection and security licenses to security consultants. It has been noted that The High Commission for Industrial Security plays a crucial role in ensuring that industrial assets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are protected positively. 

Lantern HCIS Approval Process

The physical security directives provided by the High Commission for Industrial Security provides a robust structure with its efficient approval process. The High Commission for Industrial Security has made the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia one of the advanced countries concerning the security, safety and protection of industrial facilities.

Physical Security principles of this commission list the rules and regulations for the industrial organisations of the country. These rules and regulations recommend that organisations build fences, crash barriers and floating barriers. Industrial fences will efficiently protect your premises if they are developed with high quality welded metal fences with modern visual protection strips that are easier to retrofit. 

  • Lantern Industrial Fences 

    Industrial fences can be customised as per your requirements, but it is essential to ensure that they abide by security standards. On the other hand, crash barriers are constructed to select and install relevant devices for preventing errant vehicles that can strike fixed objects. 

  • Lantern Crash Barriers 

    Crash barriers redirect the errant vehicles towards the flow of traffic in a safe manner. Thus crash barriers can also be used as road blockers. Under Vehicle Inspection System can also be installed along with the barrier for increasing the level of security. 

  • Lantern Floating Barriers 

    Lastly, floating barriers are the devices placed in the water bodies to control and contain debris, oil, trash and turbidity. Cargo X-Ray Machine can be installed on the ports on which the floating barriers are installed to increase the level of security and the sustainability of the organisations that have installed these security measures.

Recommended HCIS Systems by Lantern

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection And Integrated Perimeter Protection Systems

    Perimeter Intrusion Detection And Integrated Perimeter Protection Systems are two key recommended systems suggested by the High Commission On Industrial Security. On the one hand, a perimeter intrusion detection system helps the industries detect the presence of an intruder breaking into the physical perimeter of the industrial location using dedicated sensors and devices. 
    On the other hand, Integrated Perimeter Protection Systems helps industrial organisations with its multi-sensor approach that suggests the installation of ground surveillance radars and cameras for detecting, assessing and tracking incursions in the perimeters. Integrated Perimeter Protection Systems are designed for continuously operating 24*7 irrespective of prevailing weather conditions. 

Installation & Detection 

For installation of Perimeter Intrusion Detection And Integrated Perimeter Protection Systems; 

  • Efficient use of fibre cables is necessary so that the functionality of industry and industrial equipment is not adversely affected while ensuring their safety and security.
  • Walk Through Metal Detectors can also be installed with Perimeter Intrusion Detection And Integrated Perimeter Protection Systems to increase security.

In the contemporary era, radar is used to detect and track large-sized ships, spacecraft and aircraft, and small insects and birds in the atmosphere. In addition to this, radars can be used to measure the speed of all sorts of equipments, map Earth’s surface and measure the properties of the atmosphere. 

As per the High Commission for Industrial Security instructions, radars should be installed by the industries in the country for multiple purposes so that safety and security can be ensured. 

  • Static & Removable Bollards 

    Static And Removable Bollards tend to regulate vehicles to ensure safe and secure pedestrian access in industries. Static bollards are fixed on their places to stop the vehicles from entering certain areas permanently. On the other hand, removable bollards tend to provide variable access for delivery and emergency purposes. In an industrial context, accessibility and security are two key considerations undertaken for protecting the property from unauthorised access.
  • Electronic Access Control

    Electronic Access Control is a technological advancement that controls the authority to provide or deny physical and virtual access in any infrastructure.  Electronic Access Control comprises technologies that work even with a magnetic strip in the access cards and can be connected with the biometrics for providing security with adequate accessibility. 

  • ID Management System

    ID Management System works with Electronic Access Control as an identity security framework that authenticates and authorise users access to specific areas and the building itself. Badges Readers is a device designed to read the information encoded into small plastic cards known as smart cards. 

    Badge readers are used to control the access of individuals to specific areas with the help of electrically operational doors. Thus, badge readers work well with electronic access control systems and ID management systems.
  • RFID Solutions

    RFID Solutions are specialised technological systems that provide high-quality, enterprise-specific and easy to use security with hardware and software support. In an industrial context, RFID solutions can support inventory management, inventory control, asset tracking, equipment tracking, supply chain management, logistical management, vehicle tracking and other safety measures. 

    RFID solutions integrated within the Physical Access Control Systems enhance the level of physical security designed to allow or restrict access to certain areas and build an industrial organisation. 

    Physical Access Control Systems consisted of security measures related to key card entry, encrypted badges, pin codes, passwords and mobile credentials for hybrid communication and unified communication of accessing individuals to the security system for providing or denying access.
  • Digital trunked radio system 

    In addition to this, the High Commission for Industrial Security strongly recommends installing a digital trunked radio system that allocates frequency resources to multiple radio users; thus, breaching radio frequency and gaining access for unauthorised individuals is highly difficult. Digital Radio And Trunking System work in collaboration with CCTV And Video Management Systems for providing high-level security. 

This system comprises Long Range Cameras, Thermal Cameras, Fixed & PTZ Cameras, ANPR Cameras, Telecom & Radio Systems. All these camera systems increase the efficiency of security monitoring of premises and monitoring individuals' movements. Combined with a digital trunked radio system, CCTV And Video Management Systems serve as an important tool for ensuring safety and security.

Lantern is a technology, communications, and security systems integrator that helps customers design, plan, create, and run successful enterprises. Lantern has established experience delivering HCIS security solutions, engineering services, project services, and software solutions, and offers a unique combination of global subject expertise provided on a local level.


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