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AI-Enabled Security Solutions by Lantern - A Proven Standard for Industries

November 4, 2021

Over the years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have found a niche across industries and operations, owing to their multifaceted benefits like sorting and packaging products in warehouses, data generation, data processing, and rapid data analysis. AI and ML are helping the Edutech sector by evaluating content and enabling excellent recommendations. As a fundamental part of cybersecurity, AI and ML are used to comprehend and analyze data to boost industries the world over. 

Regardless of size, organizations regularly face security challenges, many of which have become a point of concern as they affect end-user experiences. Lantern suggests using smarter, adaptable, scalable, automated, and predictive security strategies that have proven beneficial across many industries to effectively deal with increasingly evolving threats. AI/ML are ever-evolving technologies where new tools continuously surface the market, leaving customers with several reliable options to choose from. 

Today, thousands of companies in the market with different focus areas and capabilities are dependent upon AI-driven solutions to meet their security challenges. Since AI offers tremendous potential to industries, they are already growing and meeting challenges rapidly. 

Creating New Opportunities 

For over 30 years, AI has been the focus of research. Although major advances are taking place, incorporating the concept of AI has generated new opportunities for numerous industries. Today, top companies like Google and Facebook are integrating AI to optimize performance and growth. Instead of focusing on the costs involved, companies are now more driven to extract reliable solutions from AI/ML, which can help them generate higher returns in the long run. 

Use of AI by Lantern 

Lantern helps corporations achieve better business outcomes through the effective use of AI and ML, which enhance internal operational performance. Companies deploy analytics apps, perform data modeling and data warehouse services, and build reports and interactive dashboards to enhance the corporate-wide ecosystem. They resolve big data challenges and apply advanced analytics to forecasting, text analytics, process optimization, and complex event processing. AI is the future of remote CCTV and video monitoring, communicating anomalies before an incident, allowing one to operate proactively rather than reactively. 

Below, we have listed some major industries dependent on AI to meet their security challenges and advancements. Without any further ado, let's have a look. 

1. Oil and Gas industry  

One major threat that the oil and gas industry was regularly facing was protecting external infrastructures, such as pipelines and pumping stations. Defects found at the end can upstream issues, which could lead to severe damage. AI-enabled detection solutions can ensure product quality and provide deep insights into defects, which helps manage risk factors efficiently. 
The oil and gas industry is crucial to the world's economy, impacting energy sources and many of the products one takes for granted. Due to their importance, oil and gas installations are a potential target for terrorists. Since the arrival of AI and deep learning in the oil and gas industry, it has optimized business operations, improved productivity, and ensured security and safety through advanced technology. 

2. Education 

AI and ML are already arriving as game-changers in the education industry. The purpose behind AI in the education industry is not to replace teachers but to empower and help them understand the student's potential and limitations. AI can analyze the student's learning speed and needs, making it easier for teachers to make informed decisions. Today, AI is used by different schools globally, which has allowed the concerned parties to look at education from an entirely new perspective. 
A lot of time and energy is invested by teachers to mark every question; however, with the implication of AI, the tedious task of correcting hundreds of copies can be done in a few minutes. This allows teachers to spend more time with students, thus making the learning process more efficient. 

3. Healthcare 

A fast-aging population, the rise of chronic diseases, and a shortage of healthcare workers present severe challenges in today’s healthcare sector. However, AI has proven to be a boon to the healthcare sector. It involves NLP applications that help in data analysis and preparation, data modernization, give credible insights, and ensure better results that ultimately deliver "frictionless" patient care.
Lantern’s vision for the future of healthcare seeks to address these issues through the effective use of AI and ML. 

4. Financial institutions 

Banks and financial organizations are often the victims of hackers looking to steal corporate information and big data. This activity involves monetary losses and a threat to the brand's image, customer trust, and, most importantly, employees' safety. As far as the finance industry is concerned, AI and ML have left an impeccable mark that is hard to ignore. AI and ML pave the way for more secure and safer online transactions, and minimize the risk of threats. 

5. Aviation 

History unfolds that the aviation industry has faced changing threats over the years. Neither the passengers nor the employees are 100% safe while travelling, ultimately affecting the customer's experience. Although it's not an easy feat, still it's not an impossible one!  

Airport security continues to evolve, and the credit also goes to artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. It helps the pilot navigate and detect the ground-level obstacles and make decisions that best suit the situation.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning have enabled industries to work efficiently and effectively while improving the security standards leading to improved customer experience. Apart from these industries, AI and ML are transforming all other industries. Lantern provides top-notch solutions which empower organizations to new heights. 

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