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December 1, 2021

History unfolds that the aviation industry has faced changing threats over many years. Neither the passengers nor employees are 100% safe while traveling from one destination to another, ultimately affecting the customer's experience. Although it's not an easy feat, still it's not an impossible one! 

Due to increasing advantages such as speed, punctuality, and security, air transport has become the most preferred mode of transportation. Throughout aviation history, speed and punctuality are the most important driving forces that encourage people to choose air transport over other modes. Another major factor, also known as the pillar of the aviation industry, is the high security of passengers. 

Human safety - The underlying objective of the aviation industry

Along with building, expanding, and renovating airports, human safety is also an integral part of aviation. The most responsible choice to take your safety game a notch higher is to choose Lantern, a preferred master systems & telecommunication integrator delivering timely solutions to meet emerging security challenges through our well-defined solutions. We provide an array of airport security conference solutions that builds a robust infrastructure. It establishes the safety and security of passengers and employees. 

Evolution of Aviation 

Airport security has evolved rapidly over the years. As per report, it has taken nearly 40 years for airport security personnel to progress from the first widespread use of metal detectors and X-ray scans to today's video surveillance solutions and full-body imaging to mitigate risk factors and other security challenges which otherwise can cause trouble.  

Smart Airport Surveillance combines IoT security cameras and AI video analytics to help airport security managers systematically monitor and understand passenger behavior, gain valuable insights from video data. It helps them improve security and operations automatically and in real-time. 

Although many actions are taken to improve passenger security at the airport and in aircraft, the threat of someone entering the backdoor still exists. As airports plan to increase passenger traffic and expand in scale, the need to meet the emerging security challenges has increasingly multiplied. Lantern is a one-stop destination, ideal for meeting airports' security, safety, and communication requirements.  

Challenges Faced by Today's Aviation Industry 

The aviation industry is well-developed; however, unfortunately, it is battling enormous challenges that have forced people to think twice before boarding a flight. Yet, it is fair to commit that it is still the most popular mode of transport among all. Below, we've listed some of the most prominent challenges the aviation industry faces in recent times that need immediate solutions. Let's have a look-  

  • Terrorism in its all possible forms, including bomb implant, hijacking, and so on 
  • Facing fire and explosion within the airport or in aircraft
  • Need for special protection for the crew as well as passengers 
  • Identification and checking of abandoned luggage
  • Prevention of illegal immigration
  • Access control for restricted areas 

Lantern Products and Solutions 

Ever wondered if air travel is not as secure as it claims to be? Will there be any passengers? We believe that security and safety are a passenger’s utmost priority. Lantern offers a wide range of products and solutions such as digital signage and access control systems that help airport security monitor staff and data shared across different devices to overcome such fears and boost airport security.   

Take-off with Lantern Security Solutions

Lantern believes in purposeful inventions and strategic planning to help tackle security concerns at airports. Defending airports from terror threats is the need of the hour. Most of the airports lack advanced security systems. Airport Perimeter Security And Intrusion Detection, Drone Detection, and video analysis are some methods that help detect suspicious activities.  

Lantern employs advanced methods such as establishing Smart Control Room, ensuring Airport Queue Management and People Management. The Fire Alarm System enables early detection of suspicious activity. Communication engineering has continued to play an essential role in the aviation industry. Lantern provides a complete set of engineering expertise to build critical communication and network infrastructure, facilities management, and deploy customized software applications.  

Lantern focuses on assessing credible threats, airport vulnerabilities, and asset criticality to form a robust risk assessment. We develop and implement an effective strategy that helps to overcome security challenges. We employ advanced solutions such as effective Airport Parking and Gate Management system, Public Address and Voice Alarm, Digital Signage and IP Smart TV Solutions to mitigate and manage the credible risk factors.  


The aviation industry faces an array of risks, including cyber and physical threats. Devices such as CCTV Video Surveillance System and intelligent sensors that record videos and analytics are now found at all airports. The next thing to consider is the infrastructure and network to support these devices and connect them to centralized monitoring stations. Lantern Security Systems works closely to improve operational efficiencies and customer experiences through digitalization. We are rolling out digital solutions to serve the best on the table to improve passenger’s travel experience. 


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