Saudi Aramco Fadhili HCIS Scope

Completion Date
Nov 2021
Saudi Aramco

Designing and delivering robust security system channels for smooth and safe organizational functioning.

Lantern is a platform that provides hands-on security systems by implementing HCIS security IDAS for the gas plant. We employ a team of professionals who Design, Procure, and construct intrusion Detection & Assessment Systems.

The challenges/ Objective of the project

Saudi Aramco is a leading oil company looking for improved security solutions.

Officially called the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Saudi Aramco is a renowned name in the petroleum and natural gas industry. Their primary objective was to improve security standards for a long time. Therefore, they were looking for end-to-end platforms to deliver mission-critical solutions by helping them supply, install, test, and commission CCTV Surveillance.

Business outcomes/ Insights/ Stats

Meeting the security challenges and minimizing the existing risk through well-structured plans.

After meeting their team, Lantern knew Saudi Aramco was on the hunt to improve their security standards that would attract excellent business opportunities. After listening to their needs, we implemented HCIS approved IDAS for the gas plant. Once the infrastructure was innovated and delivered, it started reflecting unexpected results by catching hackers who do the real damage.

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