Al Khafji Joint Operatrions - Intruder Assessment Detection system upgrade

Completion Date
Nov 2021
AI Khafji Joint Operations

Lantern Providing industry's leading scalability, reliability, and system security services.

Lantern works with enterprises to design/develop robust system security strategies and ensure our actions align with the client's goals. We recommend ways to optimize your security systems and infrastructure for better long-term results. AI Khafji Joint Operations is a well-known name in Khafji, Saudi Arabia; however, they needed a La Fence Intruder Detection Upgradation; we offered best-fit solutions through a well-planned network to meet business needs.

The challenges/ Objective of the project

AI Khafji Joint Operations was continuously looking for sources to improve security system infrastructure standards.

AI Khafji Joint Operations is a joint venture between Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC) and Aramco Gulf Operations Company (AGOC) of Saudi Arabia. They regularly faced the challenge of meeting the established security standards in their journey towards success, which is indeed a big deal. They were looking for end-to-end platforms to help them supply, install, test, and commission Honeywell Vindicator Fence.

Business outcomes/ Insights/ Stats

Providing reliable solutions to AI Khafji Joint Operations to manage emerging security challenges.

Lantern is where our experts deliver mission-critical solutions to innovate the unexpected results and meet security challenges. Like every other organization in today's advanced world, AI Khafji Joint Operations were working towards keeping themselves up to the mark when meeting security challenges. 

After much research, they contacted Lantern, where we helped them design and deploy end-to-end solutions through perimeter and fence intrusion detection systems. We recommended optimum ways to optimize their security system by providing services like Honeywell outdoor PTZ cameras, Honeywell Vindicator Intrusion Detection System, Vindicator Network, Maxpro VMS Integration which helped them acing the security standards.

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