Al Khafji Joint operations -Tetra Radio communication Project

Completion Date
Oct 2021
Al Khafji Joint Operations

Developing and implementing strategies to supply, install, test, and commission Tetra Radio Systems.

Lantern is a security system platform where we helped the AI Khafji Joint Operations tackle the emerging security challenges using the latest technology and most advanced sensors. We at Lantern are known to suggest strategies to supply, install, test, and commission Tetra Radio systems, which helps respond to incidents proactively. Our multidisciplinary team offers an array of services that helps in mapping incidents and resolving challenges.

The challenges/ Objective of the project

AI Khafji Joint Operations wanted to employ the latest radio technology systems to meet security challenges in their organization.

AI Khafji Joint Operations is a joint venture between Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC) and Aramco Gulf Operations Company (AGOC) of Saudi Arabia. Their primary objective is to regularly conduct onshore and offshore activities in drilling, exploration, and production of Oil and Gas in different zones. AI Khafji Joint Operations is a well-known name in Khafji, Saudi Arabia; however, they were facing difficulties installing and upgrading Tetra Radio Systems, where Lantern entered and provided top-notch services.

Business outcomes/ Insights/ Stats

Lantern provided the latest radio technologies systems and applications for radio infrastructure to AI Khafji Joint Operations.

Before meeting Lantern, AI Khafji Joint Operations were on a lookout to find solutions to install and upgrade their tetra radio systems; however, lantern provided them on-point security solutions through our intuitive innovations. 

We provided design, installation, testing, and commissioning Hytera Digital radio Communication DMR solutions and fixed radios installed on Emergency Vehicles, Security Vehicles, Oil tankers, Carrier Boats, LifeBoats, Oil and Gas facilities. Apart from this, we replaced old radio communication installed ten years back and used the latest technology and applications for radio infrastructure.

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